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Something special

Aus Idol debuted last night.

Apart from the expected shockers that auditioned, the talent this year was actually quite good.

The boys are weren’t mentioning but the girls are something special.

Looks of a model and the voice of an angel!

Keep an eye out for Lauren Sweets and the other peroxide blonde in the pic below:

I already know that Kyle MIA as a judge will be a massive blow to the show.

Marcia is too nice. Dicko is all industry. Kyle just tells it the way anyone in the street would.

We definitely need that.

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Stunning Pixies

The lovely Pixie Lott appeared on Dancing with the starts the past weekend.

It was a fantastic performance and she looked stunning.

On a whim, we decided to have a quick look at her upcoming album and were surprised to find some great songs.

The best track would have to be “The Fall (Turn it up)” which is the title of her debut album.

Have a listen, it’s definitely on my iPod.

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Melbourne: The Four Seasons Hotel of Earth

Winter is almost over! Only 4 weeks, 1 day and several hours to go.

But even though we’re over halfway through it’s appears to be getting worse!

The rain has been pouring down like there’s no tomorrow and the wind is ridiculously cold.

Surely we’re on par with the Arctic. Melbourne: Four seasons, one day.

If you don’t like the weather, wait a sec and it’ll change.

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Oh Julie, you culinary minx.

It’s official – Julie has won masterchef!

However quite a few fans  are put out that the show’s favourite, Poh, did not win.

We at the Ugg offices are severely divided, with the boys down for Poh and the girls for Julie.

Regardless of the winner, the season was fantastic and everyone is ready for the next season of drama with a side of chicken.

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Ultimate Fighter Cooking

Every tv from Darwin to Hobart is permanently tuned to Masterchef.

Initially it was extremely amusing watching people who were so serious about food.

And watching the judge with the poncy cravat.

But it wasn’t long before every one got caught up in the drama of who couldn’t stand the heat.

This Sunday is the final showdown between Julie and Poh, to see who will win $100K.

There will be tears, tantrums and maybe a mental breakdown or two. We can’t wait.

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