Totes Loving!

Hi Guys,

Another wonderful ugg-fulled week and yet another ugged-out blog-spot from us at Urban Ugg Co.

All us tech-savvy creatures at the office have been super you-tube happy over the last couple of days.  So we all thought we’d share some of our fav music clips with you. We are all totally loving silly the following clips – we hope you guys enjoy them too!

Introducing the very young (only 20!!) very talented Australian musician – Jonathan Boulet (who recorded his entire album by himself in his garage – what a hero!)

Here’s another song that is blowing us all away at the moment – its getting a lot of air-time at the office so we thought we’d best share with you kids. With soft beats and smooth voices, here are The XX…

Anywho – we hope you all enjoy.

Have a superb weekend.

Much Love.